Have you ever put your heart and soul into the latest blog post, shared some of your inner thoughts and ideas, and got a bunch of vile, critical comments instead of praise and recognition you’d hoped for? Well, to be quite honest, we’ve all been there — you’re not the only one. Little consolation, no doubt. But, there is more. Negative comments — even openly vile ones — and haters, in general, are still very good for you (personally) and your career development. And here is why:

Haters Means You’re Moving In The Right Direction

Funny as it may sound, negative comments show that you are actually moving in the right direction. Just pause for a moment to think what it really takes to sit down and type all of those words. A reader who does not care will not spend an extra second reading, let alone commenting. In other words, criticism means that you have already hit the ultimate goal of blogging — human emotions. OK, you got a bunch of hateful comments. But you got some good ones, too, right?

Plus, having both negative and positive feedback on your post gets the user discussion going. Some readers will curse you, others will praise you, the most talkative ones will share their thoughts and ideas in the comments section. All of this generates traffic, draws attention to your post, and boosts your social media coverage. Isn’t that exactly what you were looking for? Plus, always remember that you cannot please everybody, so it’s only logical that some people will disagree.

Haters Are More Than Simply ‘Objective’

Sure, sometimes they step over the line, but there are many hard truths you can learn from your haters. Yes, yes — your mommy and your buddies all say that you are a terrific writer. But how true is that? Even if you are objectively very good, one thing is for sure: every goddamn sphere of our life always HAS some room for improvement. And make no mistake — your haters will gladly point all of your imperfections out. Now, it’s up to you to sift through their bile and mark areas that really matter. Just stay objective — and don’t let them get to you.

Haters Are Social Media Active

Another perk you can never take off the counts — no matter if you are trying to boost brand awareness about your product / service or simply want to draw more attention to your blog. Haters are way more active in the social media. They start discussions, form entire troll communities, thus getting your message across broader audience — audience that might like your ideas.

On the other hand, people who like your posts will not necessarily share them on Facebook. Or, even if they will, we all know what Facebook users are like. Unless the post is shared with some really eye-catching comment, most of us simply ignore it — even when it comes from a close friend. Old college roommates do not stand a chance — most of them are already unfollowed, anyway.  Bottom line, haters, with their vile witty comments, have higher chances of drawing more attention to your article.

Even more than that, the practise has shown that the most successful brands have approximately 51%-49% ratio of haters vs. admirers. And you don’t want to mess with this fragile balance if you are lucky to have one. As mentioned above, people always look for scoops! They are not interested in praise. So, bad press ultimately becomes good one.

Quick note: if you think that brand awareness does not apply to simple bloggers, think again! Sure, you may not be promoting any particular products or services, but you are trying to promote your thoughts and ideas. So, your brand is YOU. And, every marketing and advertising approach applies to you as a blogger-slash-brand. So, having just a tiny little bit more haters is good for your business.

Haters, Too, Can Be Converted!

Another funny fact about negative feedback, press, and brand awareness is that plenty of haters eventually convert into loyal admirers. Let’s take a simple example: imagine an Android user who trashes iPhones and Apple in general. Well, the practice has shown that the trashing stops the very day this ‘hater’ finally rakes up some money for a brand new iPhone.

Sure, it’s going to be a little different with blogging, but on the whole, trashing is usually just envy in disguise. People try to compensate for the lack of something with their vicious comments, but if you can make a point with your words — make no mistake, people will get you. And, the moment they have a chance to follow or agree with you without admitting that their own lives are far from perfect — haters immediately turn into admirers. That’s how life works.

Specific blogging example, you say? No problem! So, you’re a travel writer, and you just posted a great report on your Italian vacation. 99.9% of all negative comments come from people who are just dying to get there themselves. But… they can’t — this month, year, or a decade. So, the only thing left for trolls is to say that Italy sucks. Italians especially. Sure, blame these narrow-minded, envious people all you want; but remember, they may still become some of your most loyal subscribers.

Haters Make Success Feel So Much Better

Finally, just think how cool it would feel to finally prove all of your haters wrong. A lot of successful enterprises, FB included, were criticized and tagged a failure. And when it comes to writing… Joanne Rowling did not find her first publisher in one day. Mark Twain was living a life of constant struggle with the publishing houses. Pretty much the same goes for a range of famous artists — the world is full examples. Basically, your goal is to keep going.

Bottom line, haters give you even more reason to push forward. They are the driving force making you grow better, master your writing technique, and work on the flawless content. So, what are you waiting for? Pull yourself together and show them your real worth!


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