What is the easiest way to stay fit? Or, what brings you a lot of health benefits in least possible efforts? Yes, it’s jumping jacks that keeps you fit even without asking from you intense workouts. It enriches your body and gives you a number of reasons to smile.

You should jump daily to gain maximum fitness. You can shed body weight; you can get an agile body and you can also feel energetic. Forget about running around the park or jogging with a leisured pace, start jumping jacks on a daily basis and get three times more benefits.

As jumping is easy and simple, you can make it a part of your regular fitness regimen. Above all, the body is not exerted beyond a bare minimum when we do jump. It’s fun too as we’ve grown up jumping all the time, literally. Even today, kids can be seen doing it repeatedly as if their survival depends on it.

With so much to gain, it’d be a surprise if jumping jacks does not feature in your list of daily exercises. Given its extensive health benefits reaching to virtually every part of the body, you should never ignore it.

Jumping helps you in many ways, including:

1) Lymphatic system

Jumping jacks increases the lymph flow in the body. More lymph flows in the body when you jump on a regular basis. More lymph in the body keeps toxins in check and throw them out of the system. With zero toxins, the immunity system gets a major boost and keeps diseases away. In overall, our lymphatic system functions better and our immunity against illness and diseases gets better.

2) Nervous system

Total health is achieved when both the mind and body are free from any troubles. We have many exercises for physical health but very few for mental well-being. That’s why jumping is important as it helps one fight off depression and stress-related issues. It helps in releases of a substance, called serotonin, which delivers mental health in the same way as yoga does.

3) Cardio-vascular

Any abnormality in the blood pressure leads to a lot of heart-related problems. In some cases, heart attacks can also happen when the B. P. is not normal. Which is why you should include jumping jacks in your daily schedule of exercises. It normalizes blood pressure and provides aerobic efforts for the heart to deliver cardio-vascular benefits.

4) Metabolism

Jumping is known to stimulate metabolism. More so, it helps one burn more calories per attempt. And with that, chances of gaining weight or turning obese go down drastically. Besides, it also keeps down the level of cholesterol triglyceride together with boosting the glandular system.

5) Aerobic

Jumping delivers aerobic effect for the heart. It helps practitioners raise their breathing capacity and let more oxygen flow into the body. And once more oxygen flows into the body, it brings instant energy or makes one feel energetic and refreshed on immediate basis.

6) Pain relief

Jumping keeps one away from a number of bodily pain that non-jumpers often face. From neck to back to headache to legs to joints etc., it helps body become pain free. More so, it’s also trusted by elderly people to prevent arthritis. So, go on jumping and say goodbye to pain.

7) Fatigue   

Jumping keeps you energetic; it keeps you full of vigour. And once you have ample energy and verve, you have no reason to feel fatigued. You at least feel less fatigued or fatigue reaches you less frequently than it will to non-jumping individuals. So, give jumping a try and keep the fatigue at bay.

8) Mental performance

You shouldn’t feel surprised to know that jumping improves the mental performance. It sharpens learning process where retention power gets a boost. As jumping keeps one fit and happy, the cascading effects are felt on the mental front also.

9) Sleep quality  

Those who jump daily get better sleep than those who don’t. In a sense, your sleep quality improves a lot when you include this simple, easy and fun part in your exercise regimen. So, go on jumping to get a sound sleep at every night.

10) Digestion  

Jumping’s digestion benefits are proven and well established. More so, it also enhances elimination process and helps a lot in relaxation. Besides, your daily jump is capable of reducing body fat to fight off diabetes challenges.

11) Cold & allergies 

Jumping cuts down the instances of colds and allergies to keep one fit for long. More so, it’s also helpful in fighting small abdominal issues and digestive disturbances to keep fit and fine for long.


Jumping jacks is obviously quite a helpful exercise to keep you fit and joyous together. Given its simplicity and zero-fuss nature, it should be a part of your daily life. And once you do jump on a daily basis, you get loads of health benefits.


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