It happens with a lot of people that when we look at a person (say Jim) who is really living life like it should be, we praise him and compare ourselves with him. By comparing, we see that Jim is living better because he is not restricting himself to any social boundaries.

Now, we talk to ourselves if we can be like Jim, but our inner self-starts the self-pity talk about how ridiculous we are and all that.

You can empower your inner self about the idea of really living your life. For that, you have to focus on starting a fresh life with the clauses you set.

Figure Out What Is Wrong with Your Current Life

If you don’t know what is wrong with a thing, you cannot fix it. That’s why you have to relax and reflect on the past experiences to know what is wrong. While reflecting, you have to think about all the important aspects of life like job, money relationship, love, marriage, and spirituality. That way you will know what is so wrong with this life that you want to start a new one.

Moreover, this practice of reflecting on the past will help you separate the good from the bad. So that you will know which thing or behavior to keep and which is not worthy of your attention.

It is also a decent advice that you write important points regarding change and life during that mode. It will give something more concrete to act upon.

Identify Your Own Values

Anyone can be someone else. A lot of times you get so much pressure to perform the right way according to the society, that you finally do it. What you actually do is that you become the normal person which a wide majority already is.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The main part of creating your life is that you need to know what are your values. Ask this question to yourself many times and you will get it.

Once you know what are your values, you will become a determined soul. You will start finding it easier to make decisions because you don’t have all of your values jumbled up.

When you will work on your values, the question of how to achieve goals and dreams will have a quick and easy answer.

Stop Being Mediocre

If you are doing something with your half heart, what the result would be? The result would be mediocre. We are all doing jobs we don’t want to do, we all want an escape, but we think that maybe we are too aged or too young to create a new life. Truthfully, we are not late or early for that matter.

If you are doing something you don’t like you are harming yourself and the profession you are in. There are a lot of doctors and lawyers, who were just not happy with their lives and were disheartened. However, when they chose a different profession like photography or writing, they were more calm and happy about their lives.

You have to make a choice of becoming a satisfied human being or the same mediocre you were.

Stop Trying to Control Everything

Most people with stress issues are those who want to micromanage every stuff they can. They want everything to be in their control so that nothing moves without their instructions. But in the real world, not everything turns out the way you thought it to be and it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with it.

People who don’t know what that means, get stressful and never get the chance to enjoy life. On the other hand, the people who know what that means start living a better life by losing control to the things.

“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play the face of certain defeat.” Ralph Ellison

You can only control your thoughts and that is it. If you ask me. The thinking power is all a person can have and that is enough too.

Listen to Your Intuition

The society has made you ignore the voices in your head. The society tells you that logic is more powerful and gut feeling is nothing.

To create a refreshing life, you need to start giving room to your intuition. Because your intuition exactly knows who you are and what you need. It is all about learning to listen to your intuition. You can practice it by admitting that logic is not the answer for everything.

When you get a feeling for an event or something, you should act upon that intuition and see where it leads you. That is how you can strengthen your intuition.

Know That You Can Handle Any Situation

When you open yourself to all the experiences of life, your life starts getting better. That’s because you have stopped putting a limit to your unlimited self. Just like how an animal cannot live in a comparatively smaller cage. He will either die or tear it down. That are exactly your options too.

It is also reassuring to think that you will never get more burden than you can manage. So why to worry? If a situation is challenging, it means you also have the power to overcome it.

Life’s Experiences Are What You Think

If summed up in a few sentences, life is about living to the fullest by loving people and experiencing events. We keep learning and sharing our knowledge with people around us. This is the endless purpose of life. It flows from one life to another life endlessly… eternally!

If you are looking at the life’s experiences as something to learn from, your life will be that way. If someone thinks that the experiences of life are just about sharing, then that person is also right.

May be for someone (say Claire) living life to the fullest is about teaching people about anything she is good at. That would be Claire’s meaning of life. Also, may be for someone (say Henry) life is about helping out the ones who need it the most – and that would be a meaning of life for Henry. You have to find out yours!


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