Sunday, August 9, 2020

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I'm an entrepreneur, coach and founder of Attitude Revolution, here to help you find your passion and build a career around work you love. I'm also a Digital Marketer and never-ending student of life



Living Stingy Financial Goal List for Young Adults

Getting accepted for your first job is one of the first achievements you will attain right after you graduated from college. This will get you excited and eager to work harder each day especially when you first hear that you’ll be getting your first pay check!

Achieve Your Goals – Letting Experience Become Your Stepping Stone

Everyone has goals and objectives in life which they set and plan to achieve in a given period of time. If you want to achieve your goals, there would be innumerable factors that could influence your success and for some, failure. Experience could either make or break...


There are lots of ways to hate your job. Some are obvious, like choosing a job you know you’ll hate. But, there are also some ways to hate your job that we aren’t always aware of. In case it wasn’t clear, this is a list of things “not...

How To Know If a Job Is Right For You

Is there a right job for you? Most definitely. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to find. And, unless you create the right job yourself, what can you do? At the very least, you can learn to look for signs that a job is right for you, or...

I Have No Passion? Why Its Important to Pursue your Passion

Pursue your passion.  If you’re not, stop doing whatever you’re doing and do it.  Now. Awhile back, I was battling depression and working 9-5, which is when I learned that money can’t buy happiness.  On a deeper level, I discovered a need to...