Loving Your Body Even After Weight Gain

Love Your Body (Even After Weight Gain) ~ The Attitude Revolution

I’ve put on weight.

It’s been an emotional year (or two) and I’ve often turned to my old comfort – food. And because all actions have consequences, my expanding waist line is one of them.

Normally, this would be the time that I would hide. I would avoid social circumstances because I didn’t want people to think when they saw me “Woah! Tahlee’s really put on weight”.

Normally, I would sign back up to the gym because dammit, I’ve been a lazy slob. Time to whip this body into shape.

Normally I would start a new diet, or at least start keeping a food diary.

Normally, I would feel like a fat failure.

Now, I’ll be honest. All of these things have crossed my mind. But you know what’s different this time?

This time, I’m staying present. I’m staying kind. And I’m staying strong in love.

So right now – in this very moment – I’m not signing up to the gym. Because my body doesn’t thrive in that environment. Instead, I’m back doing regular Pilates because that’s what makes my body feel good, no matter what.

I’m going for beautiful walks in nature and exploring the spaces near my house.

Local creek

Look what I found within a 15min walk from my house?!

I’m making sure I’m eating regular meals with lots of protein because that’s how my body feels most nourished.

And right now, I’ve just invested in some new clothes in my current size.

Because the thing is – my focus is on loving what is. And when I’m focused on love – I’m not walking around in clothes that don’t fit; hurting my body with diets or overexercise; and generally feeling awful.

Loving your body isn’t about weight loss. It’s about appreciating the miracle of who you are, no matter what. ~ click to tweet

So if you’re not at your “ideal weight”, if you’re feeling heavier than you like, or lighter than you like…

If you’ve feel you’ve relapsed into old unhealthy habits, gotten lazy, or restricted yourself too much…

If you’re counting calories, or trips to they gym, and one feels like too much and the other too little…

Guess what?

You’re still enough. You’re still an incredible human, worthy of love. Especially your own.

How will you love what is, today?


Why Pilates Needs A Makeover

Why Pilates Needs A Makeover ~ The Attitude Revolution

Up until a few years ago, I thought Pilates was the opposite of yoga.

I’d been studying yoga off and on for years, and Pilates just seemed boring, foreign and such a waste of time. I thought is was for wealthy middle aged women and waify dancers.

And to be fair, that’s pretty much how it’s always advertised.

“Get the long lean look that only Pilates gives you”. How many times have you seen that in a gym or a fitness magazine?!

But here’s the thing.

Joseph Pilates was actually a freakin’ genius. Yes, he worked with dancers (and it’s how he became famous). But what his system of movement actually does?

Is heal your patterns of movement.

After becoming a qualified Personal Trainer, I thought I had exercise all figured out. I was cycling to and from work regularly, lifting heavy weights and doing crazy intense HIIT workouts.

Although I was pretty fit, I was always in and out of physio and osteo appointments.

I was nearly crippled by lower back and hip pain. Some days I felt like an 80 year old woman. No one could figure it out.

Finally, in a last ditch effort my osteo said – “Go and book 6 months of reformer Pilates. I’d rather you pay them and get to the root of the problem, then you keep paying me to fix you”.

So off I trotted to reformer Pilates with a local physio studio.

Why Pilates Needs A Makeover ~ The Attitude Revolution

What a revelation!

You see, Joseph Pilates combined his years of study of anatomy, yoga, Zen, Greek and Roman philosophy into a hybrid mind-body-connection system that truly heals.

I didn’t realise any of this and it was why I never bothered with Pilates for so long.

Much to my own detriment.

If only I had looked deeper into a industry that seems to pride itself on advertising & cultivating a certain look. Pilates is about soooo much more than sculpting your body into the lithe, willowy figure of a ballerina. 

And just so we’re clear – if you’re 5ft 2, no amount of Pilates is going to make you long and lean.

It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg theory. Most people who practice or teach professional Pilates have a background in dance, because it’s a great method of improving your mad dance skillz.

And most people who have a background in dance, tend to have a certain body type.

I’m sad to say, I feel like this is what is used to exploit the results of Pilates.

Obviously, I can’t singlehandedly makeover the whole advertising industry for Pilates. But I can give you this:

3 reasons why you should go to a Pilates class that have nothing to do with getting the long, lean look

1. Better Control

Most exercise works on moving global groups of big muscles. Quadriceps, biceps, triceps… that sort of thing. These big muscles are responsible for moving the levers of your arms and legs so you can walk, run, throw and catch.

But Pilates goes deeper than that and works with the smaller stabilising muscles. This gives you more control and much more efficient movement. In fact, Joseph Pilates first called his method of movement ‘Contrology’.

2. Better Energy

Are you super flexible; have trouble sitting, standing or lying in one position; and get tired really easily? You could be hypermobile. If you’re hypermobile (like me), it means your ligaments have difficulty stabilising your body. So you’re already behind the 8-ball when it comes to movement.

Pilates gives you more energy because it strengthens your stabilising muscles, which means less work for your bigger muscle groups. Win win.

3. Better alignment (and less pain)

Pilates destroys dominance. Dominance means, if you have a tendency to favour one way of moving over the other – you’re going to get out of balance. And that hurts. Literally.

For example, if your right leg is stronger than the other, normal exercise is going to keep strengthening your right leg, and keep you unbalanced. This can lead to all kinds of problems like an uneven gait when you run leading to back pain, or overloading weight on one knee. Ergo, knee pain.

However, when you use Pilates machines, like the Reformer – your weight is more evenly distributed and supported – so all your muscles work at the same rate. Hello alignment, goodbye pain!


What about you? Have you tried Pilates? What do you think of how it’s advertised? Would you try it now based on these reasons?


Radical Renegade: Rachelle Hawken

Radical Renegade - Rachelle Hawken

Rachelle bounced into my life about a year ago. Quite literally. She bounced up to me at the Radical Self Love party and I knew then we were going to be great friends.

When I found out that Rachelle quit her job to become a full time life coach, I squealed with delight. This girl is destined for great things, comrades.

She’s got a smile that can light up a room (see photo above),  a heart o’ gold, plus she’s been super supportive of The Attitude Revolution.

It would be churlish of me not to share her incredible joy and wisdom with you. So read on, and be inspired.

1. How did you become a Radical Renegade?

My journey started with health. I think it does for a lot of people in the personal development field. I was in my early twenties and was right into long distance running. I’d go into a meditative state and just run and run.

So many women would say negative things about their bodies to me and I was learning to appreciate my body for what it was capable of, so something in what they were saying didn’t gel for me anymore. I wanted to figure out a way to help women appreciate their temple but just kept getting frustrated.

Now, as a life coach, I’ve realised it’s not what you say to people that changes them, it’s what you ask. By inspiring a thought, you can help create a new way of thinking and a realisation.

It took me a while to figure out I wanted to be a life coach though. I actually started my first business with a company called Nature Direct. They sell these beautiful, safe, non-toxic, natural cleaning products. I loved the products, the company and their philosophy so I joined as a consultant, going to people’s homes and teaching them about the non-toxic lifestyle.

There was something missing though and I quickly realised that I wanted to help women in an even more meaningful way. I really craved doing my own thing, my own idea. It was time to get brave, step out of the shadows and start my life coaching business!

2. How do you maintain a rocking attitude?

I just don’t take life so seriously. It’s meant to be fun, right? I’ve let go of the need to be a certain way, the idea that what I do should define me and unstitched the badge of ‘honour’ of being busy. Also, I do a lot of mirror work.

When I was younger I used to stare in the mirror at one part of my body and be disgusted by how huge my thigh was or how my stomach protruded. Now, I look at my body as a whole and with admiration. I’m more likely to push my stomach out on purpose to see how big I can make it and laugh!

On bad days, when I feel like I’m not enough, I consciously don’t take it to extremes. Just because I wasn’t able to do one thing, doesn’t mean I can’t do anything. I just allow that day to be what it is and make a choice to do it differently tomorrow. It’s all a choice.

Radical Renegade - Rachelle Hawken

3. What would be your #1 tip to help someone do a 180 towards self love?

I listen to older women say ‘gee I wish I realised how good I actually looked when I was younger’. That is something that has stuck with me. I don’t want to say that, I want to appreciate myself now. You are never really as fat or as ugly as you feel. So my advice would be to become aware of your thoughts, which if left unchecked are naturally negatively skewed, and choose the opposite.

The questions I would ask;

How are you playing small and holding yourself back by having a negative focus on your appearance or of your self?

Do you really believe your thoughts?

If you didn’t spend so much anxious energy on those thoughts, what would you be doing instead?

What wonderful things are you withholding from the world that you could be offering if you stopped having those thoughts?

4. What inspires you?

I am inspired by seeing women totally owning their thoughts and their life, being brave and stepping up. I’m inspired by deep conversations, by the sun, the moon and the thought that we are all the same. I am totally inspired by exploring the world – our global community!

5. What advice would you give someone wanting to start in your field?

Of course, I whole-heartedly recommend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to learn the process of coaching and how to guide your clients to the best results.

However my advice is also to do what feels right for you, learn what you want to learn (key word being want!) but don’t get caught in the learning phase. Coaching is very experiential and I have learnt so much just from having sessions with clients and watching them evolve. It turns out the kind of coach I thought I would be is very different to how I actually coach, so I’ve evolved too!


Isn’t she just amazing?!

I love that Rachelle talks about how having a negative self image can really hold us back.

And can I reiterate that comrade, you are so much more than your dress size or what you ate for lunch. Drop the stories you’re telling yourself, and get out there and live your big, bold vision.

What about you? What would you be doing right now if you knew you could do anything? Let me know in the comments below.



Rachelle is a Life Coach at My Saturn Epoch. She supports women through the big transitions in their life, helping them to break their negative cycles to consciously create a happy life and positive mindset. She is a big hearted business woman who is passionate about supporting women in pursuit of their own excellence so they can shine as a beacon to themselves, their families and their communities. You can also find her on Facebook.


Why I Write

Why I write ~ The Attitude Revolution

There’s a little blog post baton being passed around at the moment, and I’ve been tagged by the delightful Kylie Pappalardo from Navigate Create. This girl is amazing! She’s doing her PHD in copyright law and also manages to give tonnes of free, valuable info about copyright on her blog.


You know, it’s funny. Even though I journal every morning; even though when I was a kid I thought about being an author when I grew up; and even though I’ve blogged nearly every week for the last 2.5 years; I never considered myself a writer.

So when Kylie asked me to participate, that’s the first thing I thought. “I’m not a writer”

But I’m writing this, so I guess I am one, huh?

So here we go. Dive in with me?

1. What am I working on?

So. Many. Things.

Lots of secret squirrels, but the one thing I can tell you about  is…. *drumroll*

Innvincible ~ The Attitude Revolution


Remember my Radical Renegade a while back – Naomi Goodlet? Well, we’ve teamed up to create a 21 day e-course so you can break bad habits, reach your goals, and rise above challenges like a blissed out rock star.

There’s STACKS of content including new, exclusive meditones tracks! Wooo!

We’ll get you feeling Invincible in no time. You can learn more here.

2. How does my writing differ from others in its genres?

I’m hilarious.

Self loathing and body hate are pretty heavy subjects. And whilst I think these topics need to be soaked in love, I also think bringing humour to the situation helps to dull some of their power over us.

3. Why do I write?

There are 3 very distinct reasons why I write.


My head is ready to explode on a regular basis. So many ideas, thoughts, flashes of insight, rabbit holes of regret, fond memories etc etc etc.

When I write, I manage to get the tornados of thoughts out of my head and onto the page.

It helps. so. much.

Creative Expression

Music is my main form of language, but words also dance. I love reading, I love poetry, I love well formed lyrics. So I try to bring some of that creative expression into my writing too.


The biggest reason I write – especially for The Attitude Revolution – is you. Seriously. I love connecting with my comrades. Knowing that we’re all on this journey together brings light to my life. No exaggeration. This blog doesn’t just give me a way to serve you guys, it serves me too. Couldn’t love you all more! *sniff*

4. How does my writing process work?

Get it down. On the page or on the screen. Write write write. Edit edit edit. Find the gold. Highlight. Rinse and repeat.


And now the “tag, you’re it”. I’ve nominated two lovely ladies!

Dani Pepper

Dani Pepper – Forever Glow

Mah girl Dani is the toxic free beauty queen! If you want glowing skin, glowing health and a helping hand through the maze of “good for you” beauty products – Dani is your girl. She’s super smart, super nice and super informative.



Naomi Goodlet

Naomi Goodlet – NaomiGoodlet.com

Mindfulness Crusader, Anxiety Hacker, Spiritual Rebel. Naomi is one kick ass wellness chicka. I’ve loved working with her on Invincible and I can’t wait for y’all to benefit from her wisdom in this course. Look out!



Life Will Be Perfect When…

Life will be perfect when... ~ The Attitude Revolution

… I’ve lost those last 5 pesky kilos

… I’ve quit my soul sucking job

… I have more time to prepare the healthy meals I know I should be eating

… I’m not feeling so tired

… I’m bikini ready

…. I get paid more money

… my relationship is more romantic

… I get to travel to that country I’ve always wanted to visit

… I’ve got my fitness back

… I have more headspace

… I meet my soulmate

… I finally get to wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to

… I get to take the first holiday I’ve had in years

… I can finally figure out what it is I’m meant to be doing with my life

Can you see how making your happiness conditional on achievement is a recipe for disaster?

Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of accomplishment is a powerful thing. And I’m a pretty big go-getter. I love implementing ideas and seeing things through.

But it’s easy to get caught up in the “if you just finish this one thing then life will be perfect” trap.

The trick to enduring happiness?

Is loving what is.

Take a look around for just one second. What can you see? What can you hear? Smell? Taste? Feel?

What if, instead of wishing things were different, you just paused with a small sigh of appreciation for everything in your world.

Right now. As it is.

Unconditional presence = unconditional happiness.

Or as I like to call it… joy.

What are you appreciating in your world right now?